28. Nov 2021
29. Nov 2021
Putbus was founded 1810 by Prince Malte of Putbus as youngest residence town in the North with Italian flair and is also called "white town" or "town of the roses".
It's one of the most impressive towns of the island with its castle park. Putbus is a offically recognised resort since 1997. As decreed by Prince Malte, the character of the classical town centre with its bright white houses and the rose bushes is protected by town elders and monument protection alike. Putbus is the oldest seaside resort (first mentioned 1816) of Rügen, with the district Lauterbach the second oldest (1818) was added aswell. Here you find the "Friedrich-Wilhelm-Bad", which is called bath house "Goor" nowadays. Putbus is a must-see for every visitor.
Link: https://www.putbus.m-vp.de/
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