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25 Years Parkhotel Rügen

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27 years already!

It was the year 1995. The last 18 months, something happened in Bergen auf Rügen: a construction site grew from day to day. And then it finally happened: Bergen had it's first big hotel with 154 rooms! We opened as "TREFF Hotel Rügen" and were part of the "TREFF Hotel" chain. On the 1st May 2002 we changed our name to "Ramada-Treff Hotel rügen" due some cooperation contracts. Since 2005, we don't wear the name "TREFF" anymore.

27 years already!
27 years already!

A place with history

We don't belong to a hotel chain since the 3rd of January 2007, wear the originally planned name "Parkhotel Rügen" and are still lead by our longtime director Charis Schalley.

If you ask the locals, the name "Treff Hotel" is still on everyone's lips. The names that were connected to the hotel during 1995 to 2007 never really established themselves. Treff Hotel stayed Treff Hotel.

<p>A place with history</p>


Our staff is our most valuable good. We have about 65 employees in our different departments, with some trainees as well. Many of our colleagues have been loyal to our house for a long time. A continuity which appeals our guests, as they are looking forward to meet familiar faces each year



The satisfaction of our guests also depends on the quality of our products. We are glad to have regional suppliers as reliable partners at our side.



We invest in infrastructure and maintenance of the hotel. A commission volume of € 400.000 is allocated to companies in our region. In the near future it is planned to redesign our rooms.


Social commitment: The Parkhotel Rügen is a hotel from the island for the island. We support projects in social an private sectors. Here a few examples: "Kinderlachen009 Rügen e.V." "Mathematical Olympiad of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt secondary school" "Charity golf tournament of the clubs ,,Inner Wheel Rügen" and ,,Rotary Rügen" "Members of the volleyball union Bergen" "Friend's association for the hospice service Rügen" "Rügener Tafel"


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